Phone batteries don’t last long and degrade over time. When this happens, either you have to invest buying a new battery or a new device. Buying a new battery or replacing it, is far cheaper than buying a new device. When your mobile phone’s battery stops holding a charge, there can be two possibilities either charger is not working or your phone battery needs replacement. In the first situation, you can buy a new charger and your problem gets solved. However, on the other hand, when a battery gets some issues, it needs replacement or repair as soon as possible. If you are looking either for phone battery replacement or repair, you can rely on us. At Belmont Phones, we offer the best repair and replacement of a battery.

Indeed, there are many reasons responsible for battery drain. These are excessive use of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Camera, location services and the Internet. When you come to us, we diagnose your phone’s battery and find out the reason affecting it. Based on that, we either provide existing battery repair or replacement whatever needed. Our technicians can provide you real-time solution along with providing time and cost of repair.

Whether it is a charging problem or heat that cause the battery to degrade, it needs professional assistance. At Belmont Phones, we provide the best lithium-ion battery repair and replacement that gives additional life to your phone battery. You can call us or drop us an email, telling us your battery issue and needs and based on that we can help you in deciding whether you need a new battery or your old battery can be repaired. For more details, Contact us now!

Phone Battery Replacement