Phone network faults and call dropping are the major issues in any mobile phone connectivity. These are the parts that control both outgoing and incoming calls. In any mobile phone, network part is controlled by Antenna, PFO and Network IC. There are two parts of network section- Receiving System (RX), and Transmitting Section (TX). Perhaps, sometime when you come across with phone network faults, you should get in solved as soon as possible to get the right outcomes. At Belmont Phones, we provide you solutions of different phone network issues in New Castle. Here are the issues that we cover-

  • No network in your mobile phone
  • Network signals are fluctuating
  • Weak or less network signal

Our services are not only limited to mobile phone repairs and network failures, but we also provide assistance and solutions for phone call drop issues. From maintaining equipment to solving problems within wiring, we have the right and effective solution available. Our team of expert technicians can solve all types of complicated problems related to call drops, connectivity and phone networks. To reduce or end the connectivity issues, we regularly optimise and monitor our network in order to provide you exceptional wireless experience. You can get in touch with us to report network issues as well as dropped calls issues and we will provide instant solutions to you.

At Belmont Phones, our main aim is to provide you with a wonderful experience to use your mobile phones without any type of connectivity, network and call drop issues. For more details and solutions, visit our website and call us today!

Phone Network Faults