Are you having problems with your cell phone’s speaker? If yes, then you must be looking to get it repaired. Right? There are many reasons that your phone speaker needs to be repaired. It could be due to broken boards, faulty wires or any sort of internal issues. Regardless the problem, you should know that the sound could be caused due to different parts of your phone. There are times when you think that the problem is with speaker, but actually, it is a microphone problem. If you can listen to calls fine, but the opposite party cannot hear you properly, then it is a microphone problem. At Belmont Phones, we test your speakers and find out where the major problem exists.

There are two types of the speaker on all phones. The Interior speaker is the one that you hear on a call. It generally operates at a lower volume because the phone is pressed against your ear. The second one is an external speaker. This is what you hear when you are listening to music or when a phone rings. The volume of the speaker is louder so that you can hear the ring when it is in your bag or pocket. In case you are not getting any sound, there is the possibility that you are having the hardware problem with the speaker and you need to get it checked.

At Belmont Phones, we can help you with phone Mic repair and phone speaker repair in New Castle. Our professional technicians can help you to mend your speakers. To get our services, contact us ASAP.

Phone Mic and Speaker Repair