Data recovery from sim
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SIM stands for subscriber identity module, it is a piece of hardware that is used in phones to communicate with other SIM users. Recovering data from SIM card that is lost is not easy, but if you follow these steps you might be recovering data from SIM card easily.

Recovering data process:

Step 1: First and foremost you must power down your phone and remove the battery of your phone, then locate your SIM card that is located under the battery of your phone this is the first step of recovering data from SIM card.

Step 2: Now attach that SIM card to the computer with the help of a card reader the second step in recovering data from SIM card.

Step 3: Download a sim card recovery software, this is the third step In recovering data from SIM card.

Step 4: Open this program and check your SIM card this is the fourth step in recovering data from SIM card.

Step 5: Choose a location where the restored files of the SIM will be restored.

Step 6: Put the SIM card back in the phone.


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